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Various Small Fires, Los Angeles 2021

IF THE SNAKE, Okayama Art Summit 2019  

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δ , 2019 - , info deck

New Molecules and Stem Cell Retinoid Screen, Empty Gallery, 2019

24 Gy, /, San Francisco, 2019


nonfood, collaboration with Francis Tseng for Rhizome 7x7 Beijing, 2018

Structure, The Artist’s Institute, 2018

Receptor-Binding Variations, Bridget Donahue Gallery, 2018

Formulation 0.1, Berlin Biennale, 2016

Soylent Nectar, 2016 

Soylent Promotional R&D Booth, Frieze NY Art Fair, 2016

Calculus of Negligence (with Marte Ecknaes), Room East, 2015

Deformulation, Société Berlin, 2015

Residuals, Jessica Silverman Gallery, 2014

O=C(OCCC(C)C)C, Frieze London, 2014


UNTITLED (REGISTRATION/PIN: G0009296/78GY76DM; G0009297/99ER43TB; G0009298/39ZL54SJ), New Galerie New York, 2014 


New Flavors and Fragrances, New Galerie Paris, 2014

CCCCCCCC=O / CCCCCCC(=O)C (Phantom Ringtone), 2013

O=COCC(C)C (isobutyl formate), 2012 - , Frieze NY Art Fair 2013

Untitled (Sublet(2)), The BDA Gallery Berlin, 2012