Sean Raspet

24 Gy


24 Grays of fast neutron radiation absorbed by approximately 1.5 kg of seeds from various plant species

approximately 36 joules total radiation

The work 24 Gy, is the first stage of a long-term reforestation project that will begin planting in Michigan in the early Spring, 2020. All of the seeds in this forest have been exposed to radiation prior to germination to introduce randomized mutations into their genome.

These mutations increase the genetic diversity within the forest, and potentially produce variations that are better adapted to withstand disease and changing climate conditions. 24 Gy is the first batch of seeds for this forest, which has been irradiated with 24 Grays of fast neutron radiation. The capsule contains numerous species of seeds that are native to the region such as the red oak, red maple, black locust, and sensitive fern.

The planting process utilizes a version of the Miyawaki method and the forest will remove between 2 and 10 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere per acre, per year. At full maturity, each acre of the forest will have removed the equivalent of 250 – 300 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere (the equivalent of the annual CO2 emissions from 50 – 70 cars). The goal is to make the forest as big as possible over time, adding more and more land, and in the process to sequester as much CO2 as possible from the atmosphere. 

seed capsule

capsule close up

seed capsule

seeds close up